Curb Cutting in Rancho Cucamonga

A California Curb Cut WorkerIf you use traditional methods to modify an existing curb, you are looking at labor intensive work and a big mess. These methods require the destruction of the curb, removal of demolished concrete, and then pouring and setting the new concrete for the curb. In addition to just being an exhaustive process, it can cause structural issues with roadbeds and gutters near the curb.

At California Curb Cut, we take a conservative approach to curb cutting, minimizing the mess, expense, and potential damages. Instead, we use an automated curbside cutting system. We do this with a precision hydraulic saw that cuts the curb from the back, not the front, avoiding the breaking that is common with other approaches.

With this method, we can cut out a single section and keep the rest of the original curb as it is. Cutting from the back allows us to avoid damaging the road and other structures. Finally, it also reduces the costs to you as this method does not require hours of labor to get it done. Once finished with the cutting, we can craft the new curb for you.

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