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How A Damaged Asphalt Parking Lot Can Hurt Your Business

Over time, you gradually begin to notice that your business has a damaged asphalt parking lot. However, with so many things on your daily list of concerns, you don’t give it much thought. After all, how could a seemingly minor problem like that hurt your bottom line? As it turns out, damaged asphalt in your [...]

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5 Ways Concrete Cutting Technology Has Improved Over Time

Imagine you go back in time to the early 1900s. You need to cut out a piece of concrete, but there are no concrete cutting saws to use. So, you’re stuck with rudimentary tools that require lots of backbreaking work: the hammer and chisel. But, thankfully, concrete cutting technology has changed all of that. Yes, [...]

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The Importance of Up-to-Date Concrete Saws and Equipment

You’re cutting through a slab of concrete, when suddenly the concrete saw seems to get caught. The cut, which is no longer quite clean, creates several problems. Now, you need to make another clean cut after you purchase a new blade. Then, you’ll have to make adjustments in the project because of the slightly different [...]

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