At California Curb Cut we’re committed to providing the residents and businesses of Southern
California with the finest in affordable concrete cutting services. Our extensive area of operation
includes all of San Bernardino County, Riverside County, Los Angeles County and Orange
County. No matter where you are in this vast territory, you can count on our unmatched blend of
experience, reliability and cost-effective expertise.

Curb Side Cutting

Traditional curb modification is a time-consuming, resource-wasting procedure that requires the
complete destruction of the existing curb, removal of large quantities of demolished materials
and the pouring of new concrete for the planned modification. What’s more, this inefficient
process often leads to structural problems in roadbeds and gutters near the construction zone. In
turn, these structural changes can lead to serious issues such as increased local flooding risks,
cracking road surfaces and increased demands for road maintenance and repair.
At California Curb Cut, we help you avoid the many drawbacks of traditional techniques with
our modern, automated curbside cutting system. The core of this system is a self-contained truck
outfitted with an extremely precise hydraulic saw that cuts from the back of the curb, not the
front. This approach comes with several key advantages. First, instead of demolishing the
existing curb, we can cut out just the desired section and leave the rest of the curb intact. By
cutting from the back side, we also entirely avoid the potential for gutter and roadbed damage. In
addition, our streamlined approach drastically reduces your labor costs and the time required to
complete your desired modification. We can create any curb profile you require to complete your
residential or commercial project.

Proudly Serving the Communities of Southern California

Our owner has been in the concrete cutting industry for over 40 years. We continue to help
countless residents and businesses in San Bernardino County, Riverside County, Los Angeles
County and Orange County complete their curb cutting jobs on time and under budget. From the
largest undertaking to the smallest, nothing is outside the scope of our time-tested expertise. Call
us today to learn more about our service and schedule your upcoming commercial or residential


Dependability, Choice, and Service is our company’s credo. We are one of the most trusted curb cutting service providers in and around San Bernardino – offering service for residential and commercial clients. We have all the tools, technical expertise, and unsurpassed customer service to support your project’s needs. We maintain and service our own equipment to ensure reliability and accuracy.