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Curb modification is a common fact of life for home builders and commercial and municipal project managers. Private homeowners also sometimes have a need to alter the layout of the curbs on their property. Unfortunately, when performed with traditional methods, curb modification calls for serious expenditures of time, labor and money. Instead of relying on these wasteful, outdated methods, homeowners, home builders and project managers in the Inland Empire can call on the innovative horizontal curb cutting service of California Curb Cut. Whatever the size of your current or upcoming job, our advanced curb side cutting system will meet your needs while drastically reducing your commitment of precious resources.


Street and road builders commonly install curbs as part of their work. These raised borders provide a number of important benefits, including marking property boundaries and providing safety and guidance for motorists and pedestrians. However, public and private property owners frequently have need to modify their boundaries and change curb layouts. Typical reasons for making these types of modifications include:

  • Installing new driveways
  • Widening or relocating existing driveways
  • Creating parking lot entryways
  • Widening or relocating parking lot entryways, and
  • Creating wheelchair ramps and other types of safe access points for wheelchair users and pedestrians

Traditional curb modification relies on a method known as “remove and replace.” This time-consuming, labor-intensive, costly procedure begins with the complete demolition of the material used to create the existing curb. In many cases, it also calls for the demolition of nearby sections of road and/or sidewalk. Next comes removal of the unwanted curb material. After this phase is complete, contractors must start from scratch and take the time to set up new concrete forms on the underlying soil or aggregate material.

The end result is an inefficient process that can easily eat into your limited household, commercial or institutional construction budget. In addition, the remove-and-replace method often leads to structural compromises in the gutters and roadbeds near the curb modification zone. In turn, these compromises can lead to significant problems such as:

  • Inadequate water runoff and localized flooding
  • The formation of roadbed cracks and gaps
  • An increased future need for roadbed repair and maintenance, and
  • The possible future development of pavement-devouring sinkholes


At California Curb Cut, we don’t rely on the outdated, lengthy and budget-consuming techniques common to traditional curb modification. Instead, we get the job done with our truly superior curb side cutting system. The heart of this automated, technologically advanced approach is a self-contained truck equipped with a powerful, hydraulically controlled saw capable of cutting concrete with ease. This precisely adjustable saw does not require the removal of excess material surrounding the curb you want to modify. Instead, it surgically removes just the targeted section of curb, leaving the nearby material intact.

This targeted approach provides you with many important advantages. First, it gives you complete control over the angle and width of your desired curb modification. For example, if you need to create a wheelchair access point that meets the requirements of the American with Disabilities Act, we can make a cut that fulfills every aspect of those detailed guidelines. We can also create any desired profile for driveway openings, parking lot openings or any other types of curb modifications.

Compared to the remove-and-replace approach, our method also leads to a drastic decrease in the time and labor required to complete your needed modifications. Even without considering a worst-case scenario, it can take days and the labor of a full-size work crew to complete a large job with traditional techniques. In stark contrast, our fully self-contained truck can complete most jobs in under an hour with just a single saw operator. In addition, we can frequently complete large-scale projects in no more than one day.

There is another crucially important benefit to our curb-cutting system: reduced cost. Our highly efficient approach completely eliminates the expense of demolishing and hauling away concrete. In addition, it eliminates the labor costs associated with hiring multiple individuals for this time-consuming work.

The California Curb Cut system also produces other significant advantages. For example, while remove-and-replace techniques frequently end up damaging or destroying the protective membranes of nearby gutters and roadbeds, our side-cutting saw leaves these structures intact. In fact, the saw doesn’t operate on the street side of the curb at all. Instead, all cuts are performed on the rear of the curb, away from the existing gutter channels and roadbed material. In this way, the California Curb Cut system eliminates the potential for collateral damage and structural compromises. In turn, avoidance of these issues eliminates the potential for the wide variety of secondary problems associated with structurally altered roadbeds and gutters.

Finally, our advanced curb-cutting system helps keep you safe from liability claims that could destroy your bottom line or even bring your project to a halt. This is possible because our method eliminates the need for open worksites that linger for days at a time and pose an ongoing risk for accidents involving pedestrians or motorists. In turn, reduced liability risks help ensure profitability and a smooth construction process.


To accurately perform our curb cuts, we must have clear operating space in an area that extends 48 inches back from the inner side of the curb and 12 inches down from the top of the curb. Depending on the nature of your project, there may be additional preparation requirements. For example, when widening driveways or other entry points, we typically must remove the existing flare or wing sections in order to obtain the needed cutting space. If you like, we can complete all preparatory work with our own resources before we begin active cutting. Alternatively, you can complete this work yourself prior to our arrival at your home or business.


Family-owned California Curb Cut has been modifying residential, commercial and municipal curbs throughout San Bernardino, Riverside, Ontario and greater Los Angeles since 1994. In the past 20-plus years, we’ve built an enduring reputation for quality work founded on the timeless principles of dependability, choice and service. Every day, we commit ourselves to providing you with truly innovative curb cutting that reduces costs and boosts efficiency. For more information on how we can help you complete your small- or large-scale modification project, contact us today for a detailed quote.


Dependability, Choice, and Service is our company’s credo. We are one of the most trusted curb cutting service providers in and around San Bernardino – offering service for residential and commercial clients. We have all the tools, technical expertise, and unsurpassed customer service to support your project’s needs. We maintain and service our own equipment to ensure reliability and accuracy.