For All Concrete Needs in Covina

Some construction and home improvement projects are great for going DIY, but others—like most concrete jobs—require specialized tools and trained technicians to get the job done right. If you are in Covina and want concrete work done that is high-quality, safely executed, affordable, and attractive, contact Garrett Concrete.

Garrett Concrete has been offering Covina and the surrounding areas the best in concrete cutting work since 1978. We offer an unbeatable blend of experience, reliability, and affordability. If you have a concrete-related job that needs to be completed, big or small, allow us to help.

Curb Cutting

With curb cutting, the approach you take makes a big difference. Traditional methods for modifying curbs are very labor intensive and result in a big—and expensive—mess. With these methods, the entire curb must be demolished, all of that concrete removed, and the remaining pieces shaped up before you are able to pour and set the new concrete. While this is a very involved process, this is not the only problem with traditional approaches; they can also create structural insecurities in the roads and gutters near the curb.

At Garrett Concrete Coring & Sawing, we believe in always taking the approach that costs the least amount of money, causes the least amount of disturbance, runs the least risk of damage, and removes the least amount of existing construction possible. Because of this, we use an automated curbside cutting system. This uses a precision hydraulic saw to cut at the curb from the back instead of the front, which eliminates the breaking that results from traditional approaches.

By using this innovative approach, we are able to remove sections of any size as needed and leave the remaining parts of the curb intact. By approaching the job from the back rather than from the front, we also eliminate the risk of damaging the surrounding roach and other structures. And since we are removing less concrete and there will be no extra repairs to make, it is also a very cost-effective approach to curb side cutting. Once we cut away the damaged parts of the curb, we can create the replacement curb for you.

Flat Sawing

Horizontal surfaces are generally the easiest to cut; it is why you never see builder cutting wood up against a wall, but rather lying flat on saw horses. However, just because they are easier than vertical surfaces does not mean that cutting them is a walk in the park. Here at Garrett Concrete Coring & Sawing, we use flat sawing for horizontal surfaces made of concrete, reinforced concrete, and masonry.

We do this using both fixed and hand-held flat saws. With these saws, we can complete many different jobs, such as cutting utility trenches, forming expansion joints, and making various repairs. While they may seem similar to other types of saws, it is not recommended that they be used by anyone other than a trained technician.

The Garrett team is highly trained in offering accurate, efficient, and affordable flat sawing for whatever job you might have. We can complete large and small cutting jobs and have the equipment needed to tackle any space or surface. And as always, we go into the job with safety as our number one priority.

Wall Sawing

As noted above, vertical surfaces are much harder to cut than horizontal ones. Because of this, wall sawing requires specialized equipment and very careful planning. For wall sawing work, we use a special saw that runs on a metal guide track and that we are able to control remotely. This type of saw can cut through both straight and angled surfaces with incredible accuracy. These are very complex machines, and as such, they should only be used by trained technicians.

Garrett Concrete Coring & Sawing maintains high standards for all of the work we complete, and this holds true for our wall sawing procedures. All of our wall saw operators undergo rigorous training, allowing them to create any cut at any angle. We can create new window or door openings, put in overhead vent openings, or create any other opening you might need in a vertical or angled surface on your property.

Core Drilling

Anytime you drill a hole in any surface, you need perfect accuracy. This is a job that requires specialized equipment, careful planning, and trained technicians. We use mounted core drills for this process. These machines can be configured to cut at various angles and depths, providing customized and accurate results. Our state-of-the-art and in-house professionals can complete any concrete core drilling project for residential and commercial properties, making it easy for you to move forward with your project.

Asphalt Grinding

Due to changes in temperature, ground shifting, and other factors, sometimes asphalt surfaces can become uneven. When this happens, it compromises the integrity of the surface, makes further damage more likely, and creates trip hazards and other problems. Depending on the severity of the problem, we may just need to grind down and repair the upper layer of the asphalt; in more severe cases, it may be necessary to go all the way down through the foundational layer to repair all parts. It is vital that this work is completed by a trained professional; if not, you may end up with problems that are worse than those you were trying to fix.

At Garrett Concrete Coring & Sawing, we offer the exact service you need to repair the problems in the asphalt on your property. We can offer you partial-depth grinding for surface issues and full-depth grinding for those that reach the foundational layer. We utilize highly trained technicians for these jobs and will assess the situation carefully before we get to work. We also dispose of all debris so your property is safe and clean once our work is complete.

Concrete Demolition, Breaking, and Removal

Concrete is one of the most difficult construction materials to work with, and this is even truer when it comes to demolition. The safety concerns you must take into account when demolishing concrete are numerous, and executing this work effectively and safely requires careful planning and expert execution. The larger the structure, the greater the danger, but even smaller demolition jobs can easily go sideways when in the wrong hands. Because of this, you should never consider going DIY or using a general contractor for this work.

If you choose the Garrett team for your concrete demolition service, breaking, and removal, you will receive safe, high-quality work backed by decades of experience. We keep a massive inventory of equipment specifically designed for concrete demolition work, such as flat saws, wall saws, excavators, skid loaders, backhoes, dump trucks, and end dump trailers. From the initial planning to removing the last pieces of debris, our demolition work is full service and takes all the burden off of your shoulders.

Proudly Serving the City of Covina

Garrett Concrete Coring and Sawing has been serving Covina and the surrounding cities since 1978, giving us four decades of experience—experience we put to work for you. Family-owned, our work is more than just a job to us; it is our family legacy, and we work hard to ensure it is one we can always be proud of.

During these 40 years, we have helped homeowners, business owners, and developers with their concrete, masonry, and asphalt work, allowing them to achieve incredible results while maintaining their budget. From repairing concrete work throughout entire subdivisions to demolishing small storage buildings, we have done it all, and we are happy to do it for you. There is nothing outside the scope of our time-tested expertise. Call us today to learn more about our services and schedule your upcoming commercial or residential project with us.