Quality Concrete Services for the City of Montclair

In Montclair and all of Pomona Valley, Garrett Concrete Coring and Sawing is the proven provider for all significant concrete modification and removal services. Whether your project calls for cutting, drilling, grinding, demolition or breaking and removal, we’re here to supply you with San Bernardino County’s best combination of experience, cost-effectiveness, and safety-conscious operation. And innovative work methods help keep disruption of your residential or commercial property to an absolute minimum.

Concrete Cutting

Professionals use the term concrete cutting to refer to the procedures used to cut into structures made from concrete or reinforced concrete. Masonry cutting also falls under this general heading. Our professionals use devices called slab saws or flat saws to make horizontal cuts in these super-tough materials. Vertical or angled cuts call for the use of a similar device known as a wall saw.

Flat Sawing – Flat sawing is the go-to option for a variety of standard operations, including:

  • Cutting through floors when repairing or installing utility lines
  • Fixing major cracks
  • Creating the joints required for large concrete structures to move without breaking
  • Removing sections of material before replacement

With a simple switch in blades, a flat saw designed to cut concrete can also penetrate asphalt, brick or stone.

Garrett Concrete specializes in the modification and repair of large surfaces with floor-mounted flat saws. We also specialize in the use of handheld saws in small or confined areas. Both our floor-mounted and handheld machines run on high-cycle electric power for maximum efficiency and noise control. Each saw comes equipped with a state-of-the-art vacuum system for dust retention.

Wall Sawing – Since they operate at an angle or in full vertical orientation, wall saws ride on portable tracks and require remote operation. When guided by trained personnel, they can make short work out of tasks such as:

  • Modification of window and door openings
  • The creation of new window or door openings
  • The formation of access points for vent installation
  • Staircase installation
  • Accurate performance of any arduous, elevated cutting procedure (e.g., flush cutting)

Like the blades available for flat saws, wall saw blades come in formats suited for cutting through different types of masonry or asphalt.

Garrett is also your reliable leader in accurate, affordable wall-sawing operations. We complete all work with specialized electric saws outfitted with vacuum systems. The efficiency of our operators helps you keep your budget and construction schedule under control.

Curbside Cutting

concrete wall cutting service montclairThere are many reasons for modifying a concrete curb after its initial installation. A short list of possible motivations for homeowners and businesses includes:

  • The need to install a new driveway
  • The need to modify or relocate an existing driveway
  • The creation of access points for a new parking lot
  • The need to alter the access points of a parking lot
  • The need to create wheelchair ramps that comply with modern-day codes and regulations

When performed with traditional techniques, curb modification calls for the complete demolition and replacement of the concrete in your target area. This process has several prominent drawbacks, including waste of resources, high labor costs and a significant expenditure of precious time. At Garrett Concrete, we’ve developed a new, much-improved approach called curbside cutting. This automated procedure uses an adjustable, truck-mounted saw to make cuts that precisely match your modification requirements. The Garrett approach produces results while preserving as much material as possible and slashing your time and labor commitments.

Core Drilling

concrete core drilling service montclairWhen professionals need to drill accurately placed holes in hardened aggregate (e.g., concrete, masonry or reinforced concrete), they rely on a device called a core drill. This device is the industry-standard for creating the openings needed for such things as:

  • The installation of communications and utility systems
  • The installation of sewer lines and drains
  • Preliminary prep for blasting work on demolition projects
  • The installation of recessed lights, handrails, and benches

Core drilling is precision work with no room for sloppiness or error. If holes are drilled in the wrong location or at the incorrect depth or angle, you can find yourself missing essential construction deadlines or failing critical inspections. Garrett specializes in dead-accurate drilling that meets your specifications down to the exact detail. Regardless of the specific working conditions, our professional operators know how to get the job done.

Concrete Demolition

concrete demolition service montclairFor a variety of reasons, homeowners and business owners decide to tear down damaged or intact concrete structures. Although it may seem simple to complete, the demolition work needed in these circumstances can be both complex and dangerous. The experts at Garrett take the worry out of concrete demolition with a safety-first approach that emphasizes planning, accuracy, and efficiency. In every case, we select the right combination of tools to carry out the needed work with maximum care.

Concrete Breaking and Removal

Concrete breaking and removal are two additional construction/renovation tasks that seem leisurely but can quickly lead to accidents and other serious setbacks. That’s why Garrett treats this work with the same professionalism given to all other concrete-related jobs. Our expertise and equipment give us the capacity to clear rubble and debris from even the most substantial worksites.

Concrete and Asphalt Grinding

Garrett Concrete is also Montclair’s source for the accurate grinding of concrete and asphalt surfaces. Our expert technicians can:

  • Remove the tripping hazards posed by uneven surfaces
  • Restore the condition of cracked surfaces
  • Eliminate potholes produced by poor asphalt installation

On each project, we assess the extent of the surface unevenness and choose the portable or standalone grinders needed to achieve your desired goals.

The Garrett Advantage for Montclair

Located in San Bernardino County’s Pomona Valley, Montclair is a city of roughly 39,000 first incorporated in the mid-1950s. Like its neighboring communities, the municipality forms part of the vast Southern California region known as the Inland Empire. Former names for the land that now holds Montclair include Monte Vista and Marquette. The area has historical ties to the citrus industry. Today, Montclair sits roughly halfway between L.A./Ontario International Airport and Raging Waters Los Angeles, the region’s largest water park. Nearby recreational outlets include Chino Hills State Park to the south and Angeles National Forest to the north.

Based in Chino, Garrett Concrete Coring and Sawing is due south of the City of Montclair. Over 40 years of continuous operation, we’ve served San Bernardino County as a reliable source of professional, affordable concrete-related services. Whether you need work done at a single residence or a major commercial complex, we have the dedication and experience required to produce superior results. Contact us today to schedule your upcoming job or learn more about the Garrett advantage.