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Concrete and masonry services are highly specialized. While some work can be trusted to general contractors, these services require special training to achieve results that are safe, affordable, and attractive. If you are in Pomona and require concrete cutting, coring, sawing, and more, turn to Garrett Concrete. We offer Pomona and surrounding areas high-quality services at affordable prices, making it easy to access the concrete and masonry work you need. Count on our blend of experience, reliability, and cost-effective service.

Curb Cutting

If you use traditional methods to modify an existing curb, you are looking at labor intensive work and a big mess. These methods require the destruction of the curb, removal of demolished concrete, and then pouring and setting the new concrete for the curb. In addition to just being an exhaustive process, it can cause structural issues with roadbeds and gutters near the curb.

At Garrett Concrete Coring & Sawing, we take a conservative approach to curb cutting, minimizing the mess, expense, and potential damages. Instead, we use an automated curbside cutting system. We do this with a precision hydraulic saw that cuts the curb from the back, not the front, avoiding the breaking that is common with other approaches.

With this method, we can cut out a single section and keep the rest of the original curb as it is. Cutting from the back allows us to avoid damaging the road and other structures. Finally, it also reduces the costs to you as this method does not require hours of labor to get it done. Once finished with the cutting, we can craft the new curb for you.

Flat Sawing

This method of sawing is now the industry standard when cutting horizontal surfaces made from concrete, reinforced concrete, and masonry. Flat sawing can be completed using fixed and hand-held flat saws. These saws can complete a variety of tasks, such as cutting utility trenches, forming expansion joints, and making various repairs. However, these are delicate machines and must be operated by trained professionals.

The Garrett team specializes in highly accurate, cost-efficient flat sawing that meets your needs. We can take on jobs large and small, and have the equipment to handle any type of cut on any concrete or masonry surface. And as with every job we take on, we always place emphasis on caution and safety.

Wall Sawing

Wall sawing is different from other types of concrete cutting. This task requires the use of a special saw that is operated remotely and runs on a metal track. These saws are designed to cut through angled surfaces with accuracy, something other types of saws cannot accomplish. However, given their specialized nature, they require trained operators to get the job done right.

Garrett Concrete Coring & Sawing maintains the highest professional standards for wall sawing procedures. All our wall saw operators or highly trained and can create any cut at any desired angle. Whether you need to cut window or door openings, create overhead vent openings or make any other kind of modification in a vertical or angled surface, we’ll keep your project moving forward safely, even on a tight schedule.

Core Drilling

Drilling accurate holes in concrete and masonry require special equipment and a trained operator. Mounted core drills are used for this process and can be set up to cut at almost any angle or depth while maintaining the specifications given to the operator. Our state-of-the-art core-drilling methods, equipment and in-house professionals can be counted on to create precise holes in your residential or commercial property, making it easy to move ahead with the rest of your project.

Asphalt Grinding

Sometimes asphalt surfaces can become uneven, compromising the integrity of the surface. This can create trip hazards and other problems that must be remedied. In some cases, we must grind down the upper layer of asphalt, and in other cases we must grind down all the way through the foundational layer. Once again, you want a trained professional for this job, otherwise the results will be more problematic than the issue you were trying to fix.

At Garrett Concrete Coring & Sawing, we take a special approach to asphalt grinding that allows us to customize our work to meet the needs of your project. We can complete partial-depth grinding and full-depth grinding over the entire surface or just a specific spot. We utilize highly trained technicians for these jobs and will assess the situation carefully before we get to work. We also handle the disposal of the debris so your job site remains safe and clean.

Concrete Demolition, Breaking, and Removal

When it comes to demolition, no material is more difficult to handle than concrete. There are many safety concerns with concrete demolition. Executing concrete demolition effectively requires considerable planning and expertise. The larger the structure, the more difficult the process is, but even small demolition jobs should be placed in the hands of experts. Even the breaking up and removing of debris should be done by those specializing in concrete work.

When you choose our team for concrete demolition, breaking, and removal, you can count on our decades of experience. We also give you access to our inventory of equipment specifically suited to concrete demolition work, such as flat saws, wall saws, excavators, skid loaders, backhoes, dump trucks, and end dump trailers. From the planning stages to hauling off the last pieces of debris, we offer full service demolition work.

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Family-owned Garrett Concrete Coring and Sawing has been in continuous operation since 1978, giving us more than 40 years of experience in the world of concrete and masonry services. We have spent the last four decades helping homeowners and business owners in Pomona and the surrounding communities with their concrete, masonry, and asphalt jobs—and we have completed these jobs on time and under budget. From the largest job to the smallest task, nothing is outside the scope of our time-tested expertise. Call us today to learn more about our services and schedule your upcoming commercial or residential project with us.