Quality Concrete Services for the City of Ontario

In the city of Ontario and nearby cities, Garrett Concrete Coring and Sawing is the established leader in the modification and removal of concrete and other heavy-duty construction materials. From cutting and coring procedures to grinding, demolition, and breaking and removal, we’re your one-stop source for innovation, value and time-tested expertise. When you absolutely must have top-quality work that fits your budget, our staff of trained professionals is just a phone call away.

Concrete Cutting

Concrete cutting is the general term for the cutting procedures used to modify or alter concrete structures and surfaces. When performed on a horizontal dimension, these procedures require the use of a piece of equipment called a flat saw. When performed on an angled or vertical dimension, they require the use of another type of equipment called a wall saw. Garret meets your needs with a full slate of professional cutting services.

Flat Sawing – Handheld and floor-mounted flat saws are used for purposes that include:

  •         Creating floor openings for utility installation and repair
  •         Crack repair
  •         Creating movement joints, control joints or expansion joints
  •         Removing damaged material

When equipped with the right blade, a flat saw can also cut through masonry or asphalt.

At Garrett, we specialize in floor-mounted and handheld flat sawing. Our expert operators use dedicated, high-cycle electric saws that provide just the right combination of power, accuracy and low noise output. Fully integrated vacuum systems help keep dust pollution to an absolute minimum.

Wall Sawing – Wall saws are track-mounted, remotely-operated devices designed for cutting safely at steep angles. They’re essential for a variety of jobsite tasks, including:

  •         Making openings for doors and windows
  •         Modifying existing doors and windows
  •         Installing stairs
  •         Making vent openings
  •         Making preparations for vault installations
  •         Performing flush cuts and other complex cuts at the desired angle
  •         Removing or modifying concrete building panels

Like flat saws, wall saws can cut through asphalt or masonry when equipped with the proper blade.

Our expertise in wall sawing equals our expertise in flat sawing. For this work, we rely on track-mounted, high-cycle saws that boost accuracy while minimizing noise and dust pollution. The end result is an efficient cutting process that keeps you on schedule while maintaining worksite safety.  

Curbside Cutting

Curb modification is a common requirement on both public and private construction projects. Its uses include:

  •         New driveway installation
  •         Driveway modification
  •         Driveway relocation
  •         Parking lot construction
  •         Parking lot modification
  •         Wheelchair ramp creation

Traditional modification techniques call for “removal and replacement,” a lengthy process that — at a minimum — requires demolition and removal of all existing curb material in the targeted area. Instead of relying on this old-fashioned, wasteful approach, Garrett Concrete Coring and Sawing utilizes a unique, automated curb cutting system. Equipped with an adjustable saw, this self-contained system is capable of producing dead-accurate cuts for any desired specification. The Garrett approach helps you save time and money while avoiding demolition and maintaining the integrity of all nearby structures.

Core Drilling

Core drills are mounted devices used to create circular openings in concrete, reinforced concrete, masonry or asphalt. Reasons for creating these types of openings include:

  •         Utility installation
  •         Communications installation
  •         Preparation for recessed lighting installation
  •         Creation of floor drains and sewer line openings
  •         Bench and handrail installation
  •         Preparation for onsite demolition work

To meet construction specifications and building codes, core drilling procedures typically have little or no room for error. Without an expert at the controls of a well-maintained machine, avoidable mistakes are common. Garrett upholds the highest standards for equipment quality and operator expertise. No matter how tight the tolerances of your job specifications, we’ll drill through any surface to your desired depth, width and angle.

Concrete Demolition

Demolition is the general term used for the removal of existing concrete structures and surfaces. The category also includes procedures used to address issues such as:

  •         Surface cracking that poses a hazard to vehicles or pedestrians
  •         Deep cracking that could lead to structural failures
  •         The moisture- and freezing-related damage caused by frost heaving

Homeowners and general contractors sometimes underestimate the dangers associated with concrete demolition. Instead of hiring trained specialists for the job, they do it themselves or hire untrained workers. However, even small demolition projects come with considerable risks for accidents and injuries. As a rule, only an experienced professional will know what to look for when planning and carrying out this kind of work.

The experts at Garrett treat concrete demolition with the seriousness it deserves. On every job, we make a full assessment before we begin and follow the best practices for safety. That includes using the right tools for the job. Depending on the situation, we’ll maximize efficiency by using handheld tools, flat saws, wall saws or core drills.

Concrete Breaking and Removal

The requirements for safe concrete breaking and removal are also sometimes overlooked by both homeowners and professional contractors. Like demolition work, these procedures entail significant risk and must be undertaken by trained personnel who know how to work efficiently without causing accidents. Garrett places a premium on accurate, efficient breaking and removal procedures that keep safety margins high. We’re equipped to handle jobs of all sizes, from residential cleanups to the clearing of multi-structure commercial sites.

Concrete and Asphalt Grinding

Grinding procedures are used to level out a surface made from concrete or asphalt. Reasons for performing this kind of work include:

  •         The need to eliminate tripping hazards for pedestrians
  •         Correction of asphalt potholes created by improper material installation
  •         Repair of surface cracking

To get the job done without introducing new problems, grinding equipment must maintain a very fine degree of accuracy. Garrett Concrete Coring and Sawing assures the quality of our work by pairing expert operators with modern standalone and portable machines. Before we begin, we perform a full assessment of the targeted surface. We follow up with grinding work that sets the industry standard for speed and precision.

The Garrett Advantage for the City of Ontario

Ontario is a city of more than 173,000 residents situated in the San Bernardino County portion of Southern California’s Inland Empire. The community takes its name from an 1880s settlement created by a trio of Canadian brothers. Today, Ontario is well-known as the home of its namesake international airport, one of the busiest cargo-hauling destinations in the nation. Nearby sites and attractions include Ontario Mills Mall, Ontario Motor Speedway Park, Chino Hills State Park, Auto Club Speedway and Cucamonga-Guasti Regional Park.

Garrett Concrete Coring and Sawing is located right next door to Ontario in the City of Chino. For four decades, our family-owned operation has specialized in the safe, reliable modification of concrete and other super-tough building materials. Regardless of the scope of your commercial or residential project, you can count on our rigorous training, attention to detail and commitment to efficiency and affordability. Call us today to see why Ontario and and surrounding cities in San Bernardino County trust the Garrett name.