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Quality Concrete Services for Loma Linda

In Loma Linda and communities throughout the San Bernardino Valley, Garrett Concrete Coring and Sawing leads the way in the concrete services industry. Every day, homeowners and businesses across the region call on us for critical jobs such as cutting, drilling, grinding and demolition. With innovative methods, decades of experience and the best available equipment, we help you control your construction and modification costs without sacrificing safety, accuracy or efficiency.  

Concrete Cutting

Concrete cutting is the industry-standard term for machinery used to cut into structures or surfaces made from concrete, reinforced concrete or masonry (stone or brick). To cut through these hardened materials on a flat or horizontal angle, today’s professionals rely on a piece of machinery called a flat saw or wall saw. To cut through angled or vertical concrete, reinforced concrete or masonry, the standard equipment choice is a specialized wall saw.

Flat Sawing – Flat saws come in floor-mounted and handheld versions. Tasks that call for their use include:

  •         Repairing large cracks
  •         Cutting the openings needed to install utilities
  •         Uncovering previously installed utilities for repair purposes
  •         Preparing for the replacement of damaged sections of material
  •         Forming expansion joints and other joints required to accommodate concrete expansion and contraction

Saws in this category can also work on asphalt surfaces. There are saw blades designed for cutting through all types of targeted materials.

At Garrett Concrete, we specialize in flat saw services carried out with floor-mounted and handheld machines. In every case, we choose the type of equipment needed to maximize efficiency and safety. All of our flat saws come with low-noise electric motors and dust-trapping vacuum systems to help minimize worksite pollution.

Wall Sawing – Mounted on metal tracks and operated remotely, wall saws are specially designed to cut through angled or elevated material. Tasks suited for their use include:

  •         Forming door or window openings
  •         Modifying door or window openings
  •         Forming openings for overhead vents
  •         Altering or uninstalling concrete building panels
  •         Installing staircases or vaults
  •         Making complicated cuts such as flush cuts

With the proper blade, a wall saw can cut through any of the common aggregate materials.

Garrett is your go-to source for wall sawing that meets the highest marks for accuracy and safety. The saw operators we send to your worksite are experts in their field and know how to complete every conceivable type of project. Like our flat saws, all of our wall saws come outfitted with dust-abating vacuum systems and low-noise electric motors.

Curbside Cutting

concrete wall cutting service loma lindaOne of the most common needs for residential and commercial construction projects is curb cutting or modification. This type of work serves as a standard prerequisite for objectives such as:

  •         Modifying or relocating a previously installed driveway
  •         Preparing for the installation of a new driveway
  •         Creating crosswalks that meet modern requirements for wheelchair access
  •         Modifying or relocating the entry/exit points for previously installed parking lots
  •         Creating entry/exit points for new parking lots

Traditional curb cutting is one of the construction industry’s most wasteful procedures. In addition to calling for the destruction of all the curb material currently in place, it requires a serious commitment of time and labor. At Garrett Concrete, we’ve abandoned this old-fashioned approach and adopted a new, modern method called curbside cutting. This automated process uses a self-contained, adjustable saw to remove only the material needed to make your planned modifications. The end result is super-accurate cutting without high labor costs or a loss of productive construction time.

Core Drilling

concrete core drilling service loma lindaThe drilling of openings into concrete and other hardened surfaces is a necessary first step for a range job site tasks, including:

  •         Utility and communications system installation
  •         Preparation for controlled blasting work
  •         Installation of handrails and recessed lighting
  •         Installation of sewer systems

To complete these tasks, professionals rely on a mounted piece of equipment called a core drill. In the hands of a trained operator, a core drill can create precise holes that meet your requirements for diameter, height, and angle. However, use of a drill by untrained personnel can lead to everything from code violations to blown construction schedules. Garrett’s expert operators and top-quality equipment will help you avoid these setbacks and keep your project rolling forward without delays.

Concrete Demolition

concrete demolition service loma lindaConcrete demolition is a prerequisite on a variety of residential and commercial projects. Typical uses for this kind of work include the removal of damaged material and preparation for modifications or new installations. Without proper planning and execution, even a seemingly straightforward demolition job can go wrong and lead to injuries or other unwanted outcomes. The professionals at Garrett help you steer clear of such issues with time-tested procedures that get the job done while maintaining a safe work environment.

Concrete Breaking and Removal

The breaking and removal of concrete are two other job site requirements that appear simple but actually call for careful planning and execution. At Garrett, we carry out these tasks with proven methods that combine safety and effectiveness at all times. Our procedures are adaptable to sites of all sizes.

Concrete and Asphalt Grinding

Residents and businesses in Loma Linda can also turn to Garrett Concrete for professional grinding of surfaces made from asphalt or concrete. Reasons for undertaking this kind of work include:

  •         Leveling out pedestrian surfaces that present a tripping hazard
  •         Removing surface cracks
  •         Correcting problems caused by improper installation of asphalt

Whatever your goals, we can make them a reality with our state-of-the-art standalone and portable grinders.

The Garrett Advantage for Loma Linda

Loma Linda (or “Beautiful Hill”) is a municipality of 24,000-plus located in San Bernardino County due south of San Bernardino International Airport. The city was established in 1970, combining a region called Mound City with Bryn Mawr, a neighboring unincorporated area. Loma Linda serves as home to its namesake Loma Linda University, operated by the Seventh-Day Adventist Church. Nearby communities include San Bernardino and Redlands. Local recreational outlets include Splash Kingdom Waterpark and Box Springs Mountain Reserve Park.

Garrett Concrete Coring and Sawing is headquartered west of Loma Linda in the City of Chino. For two generations, homeowners, business owners, and project managers throughout San Bernardino County have turned to us for concrete-related services that focus on superior quality and budget friendliness. Whether you’re planning some simple residential modifications or a major commercial or industrial project, the Garrett Advantage can help you make the most of your construction dollar. Contact us today to schedule your upcoming job or ask for more information.