For All Concrete Cutting Needs in Chino

Many people love to go DIY with construction projects. It saves them money, lets them work it around their schedule, and gives them a sense of pride in the results. But when it comes to concrete, most jobs are best left to trained professionals. Working with concrete requires special tools that are difficult to operate, and without training, you are likely to injure yourself. Instead, trust your concrete construction projects to Garrett Concrete.

Garrett Concrete has been providing Chino and the surrounding areas with high quality concrete and masonry work since 1978. Our team has years of experience, is extremely reliable, and focuses on your bottom line when planning and executing their work. If you have a concrete or masonry project you need finished, no matter the size or scope, Garrett Concrete is the team for you.

Curb Cutting

Curb cutting is like many concrete jobs in that it sounds simple but in practice is anything but. Traditional methods make it even more complicated, creating large and expensive messes. Using traditional approaches, you destroy the entire curb to replace one damaged section. This not only destroys structurally sound parts of the curb, but it often creates problems in the roads and gutters surrounding the curb.

At Garrett Concrete Coring & Sawing, we do not believe in taking risks or creating waste when it isn’t necessary. Because of this, we complete curb side cutting jobs using a hydraulic saw that can cut intro curbs from the back rather than the front, eliminating the breaking that traditional approaches create. We can use this to remove sections of any size while leaving the rest of the curb and surrounding structures undamaged. This means no additional repairs, lower costs, and less waste produced. And as soon as the damaged part is removed, we can recreate it so the curb is once again intact.

Flat Sawing

Flat sawing is a technique used on horizontal surfaces. No matter the material, cutting on a horizontal surface is easier than cutting on an angled or vertical surface. However, since this is concrete, even cutting on a horizontal surface isn’t easy. Here at Garrett Concrete Coring & Sawing, we use flat sawing for horizontal surfaces made of concrete, reinforced concrete, and masonry.

We can use either fixed or hand-held saws to get the job done. With these saws, we can create spaces for utility lines, create expansion joints, and make all sorts of repairs. Even though the saws used for flat sawing look like other saws you might have experience with, you should never attempt flat sawing yourself.

Instead, turn to our trained technicians. We can take on flat sawing jobs of any size, in any space, and on any concrete or masonry surface. And as always, we go into the job with safety as our number one priority.

Wall Sawing

Wall sawing is essentially the same as flat sawing–with one major difference: it is done on vertical and angled surfaces. To handle this task, we use modified machinery, opting for a saw that runs on a guide track and that we control via remote for the most accurate results possible. Because this is a specialized piece of equipment, it takes intensive training to learn how to use it.

Garrett Concrete Coring & Sawing trains our wall saw operators in-house, ensuring that they meet our high standards before they ever go on an assignment. They can create openings for windows, doors, utilities, and more. Whether you are looking to perfect your new construction or remodel an older structure, our team can help you achieve the design you want.

Core Drilling

Cutting a straight line is a relatively easy job, depending on the surface. But cutting a perfect circle is incredibly difficult. To accomplish this, we use specialized core-drilling equipment operated by our trained technicians. The key tool here is a mounted core drill. We can use drill bits of various diameters, allowing us to cut whatever size hole you need. We deliver incredible results that allow you to continue moving forward with your project.

Asphalt Grinding

Even when asphalt is applied perfectly, it is likely to encounter problems as time goes by. The most common reasons for asphalt surfaces to become uneven are temperature changes, shifts in the ground, and heavy traffic. This can create problems for vehicles, pedestrians, and bikers. Rather than completely redoing the section of damaged asphalt, we can grind it down until we are past the areas of imperfection. In most cases, this means removing a few layers, but when needed, we can go all the way down to the foundational layer. Due to its nature, any gridding or removal of asphalt is tricky, which is why you should leave the job to us. Whether full-depth or partial-depth grinding, we have the tools and the training to get the job done.

Concrete Demolition, Breaking, and Removal

As we have noted, concrete is a difficult medium to work with, but while coring, cutting, and sawing are all difficult, demolition work is even harder, with a lot of room for error and injury. The only way to complete concrete demolition, breaking, and removal jobs is with careful planning and execution. If you have a need for concrete demolition, do not attempt it yourself or hire a general contractor; only work with those who specialize in concrete work.

Our team has an extensive inventory of tools on hand and is well versed in safety measures that keep the people and buildings near your demolition site safe. Our inventory includes flat saws, wall saws, excavators, skid loaders, backhoes, dump trucks, and end dump trailers. Our demolition service covers the job end-to-end, including the removal of debris once the job is done.

Proudly Serving the City of Chino

Garrett Concrete Coring and Sawing has been helping Chino  and surrounding areas with its concrete and masonry needs since 1978. As a family-owned company, the work we do is not just a job, but a legacy. Over the years we have worked with residents, businesses, and developers to create incredible work that helps beautiful Chino grow. Call us today to learn more about our services and schedule your upcoming commercial or residential project with us.