Quality Concrete Services in Claremont

Whom should you work with to complete concrete projects? Many Claremont residents and businesses figure that a general contractor can get the job done. While these individuals may advertise concrete services, it is better to turn to a specialized company, such as Garrett Concrete. Given the nature of the material, there is a lot that can go wrong if the worker doesn’t have the right experience and equipment, but if you choose Garrett Concrete, you don’t need to be concerned.

We have over four decades of experience behind us, and over those years, we have completed a wide variety of projects under often unusual circumstances. As such, we have confidence that we can finish any job that comes our way, no matter the size or scope. Some of the jobs we can complete are:

  • Curb cutting
  • Wall sawing
  • Flat sawing
  • Core drilling
  • Demolition

If you have a project in Claremont that needs the assistance of an expert concrete team, contact us so we can give you a free quote. Call Garrett Concrete at (909) 597-0069.

Comprehensive Concrete Services

concrete wall cutting service claremontMasonry is a field where on the surface, the work seems pretty straightforward. Due to this, Claremont residents and businesses are often comfortable using general contractors for masonry work. However, it’s deceptively complex. Some tasks are relatively easy, like installing a footpath. However, when things get complicated, they also tend to get dangerous. Jobs such as modifying or demolishing existing structures should always go to specialized teams.

Garrett Concrete focuses on these tasks, offering a comprehensive slate of services that encompasses all types of concrete cuts, alterations, and demolitions. We have the machinery needed to work in both open and confined spaces, allowing us to be an asset on any job site. Whether making a few simple cuts or demolishing an entire building, you can trust our team to get the job done.

Dedicated, Professional Technicians

concrete horizontal wall sawing service claremontSadly, construction is an industry that tends to have heavy turnover. Workers often come to a company for a season and then move on to other jobs. However, Garrett Concrete has bucked the trend. When we bring on a technician, our goal is to have them with us for the long haul. Our company also boasts one of the best retention rates in the industry. Remarkably, the average length of employment for our workers is a staggering 15 years!

This benefits our Claremont customers because they have access to experienced technicians who have the know-how to tackle any project in the area. Moreover, they are not just good at what they do: they love doing it. This translates into an unmatched dedication and excellent results.

Jobs of Any Size

concrete core drilling service claremontGarrett Concrete has the staff and machinery needed to complete massive jobs, such as the demolition of commercial complexes. However, we are also happy to take on smaller tasks as well. Even if all you require is a single cut, you should choose our team. We work with both commercial and residential structures, sticking to safety standards that exceed those found in the industry at large. There is no job too big or too small for us.

Four Decades in Business

concrete demolition service claremontFounded in 1978 by Tom and Tracy Garrett, Garrett Concrete began reasonably small, with a limited crew and tools. However, the husband and wife team always had a goal of expanding the company, and soon enough, they did. That expansion has continued over the years, including two significant acquisitions that allowed the company to expand its offerings significantly. Now, it is a one-stop shop for concrete needs in Claremont.

While the company has seen significant growth, some things have remained the same. For example, the company has consistently offered dependable service, delivered with a smile. We always go through our quotes line by line, so the customer knows where the money is going and is comfortable with our decisions.

Also, we are committed to maintaining high safety standards, hold comprehensive insurance policies, and carry all the proper licenses. Most importantly, our customers to feel confident in choosing us.

For All Your Concrete Projects in Claremont

Garrett Concrete offers residents and businesses in Claremont access to concrete work that is dependable, flexible, and high-quality. We have grown a lot over the last four decades, but our commitment to customer satisfaction and incredible results remains the same. All projects are completed by trained and certified technicians using innovative and proven approaches, always in safe and secure environments. To receive a quote for your project, contact us today.