Some people purchase properties because they are seemingly perfect; all they need to do is turn the key, open the door, and move in. But not everyone wants a turn-key space. For some, part of the joy of purchasing a new property is fixing it up and customizing it to fit their vision.

The vast majority of how-to guides for remodeling and retrofitting older buildings are for typical wood-frame construction. However, many concrete structures could become genuine masterpieces with the right approach. The problem is that most people have no clue what to do with them.

If a concrete building has caught your eye, do not fret; you can remodel and retrofit the building without needing to tear down walls. Core drilling is an option that will save you money while preserving any element of the structure that you want to retain. This method of concrete manipulation allows you to work plumbing, electric, IT conduits, and more into an older building.

Core Drilling Gives Industrial Spaces New Life

Anyone who has watched the news in the last few years is more than aware that manufacturing facilities and even warehouses across the country are sitting vacant because these jobs have moved overseas. These buildings are selling at a low cost and are ideal for everything from tech start-ups to unique living spaces—if you can make a few modifications.

In addition to making changes that help the space work better for you, you will also need to ensure that it meets code for the new purpose of the property. For example, if you turn an old warehouse into an office building, you will need more bathrooms than a warehouse required. If you are turning it into a restaurant, you will need the gas lines run in a specific spot.

Core Drilling Utilizes Special Tools

And these tools mean that more is possible than you would imagine. We use a diamond-tipped hole saw to make round holes in concrete. We carry these in different diameters so we can make the exact size of hole the project requires. In addition to having trained technicians to complete this work, we also work in tandem with an architect to make sure all cuts are safe for the structure and get it approved by a local inspector before we begin working.

Core Drilling Is Not Disruptive

Another benefit of core drilling is that it is a dust-free process, which means that you can live and work in the space while retrofitting takes place. This is assuming that the building is up to legal code as it is. So, you could, in theory, retrofit one area of a building, open it up for business or living, and then continue retrofitting the other spaces at the same time.

Of course, you do not want to complete this work yourself. Instead, call the team at Garrett Concrete. We have the tools and expertise needed to retrofit any concrete building, making it work for you.