Every construction company has its own uniform, but ultimately, they all look pretty similar. That is because clothing for worksites is more than just branding: it’s about function and safety. As such, jobsites are filled with workers wearing bright and reflective clothing. But why is that? Today, we will go over some of the reasons this type of clothing is important for construction workers and special considerations that must be kept in mind.

Why Construction Crews Wear This Special Clothing

There are multiple reasons why crews are always outfitted in bright and reflective clothing. First of all, it’s the law. This type of clothing is mandated in OSHA laws as well as local laws. Of course, there is a reason the law requires it.

And that reason is they make workers safer. Bright and reflective clothing ensures that workers are visible at all times and in all conditions. Whether the job site is in a residential community or on the side of the highway, visibility helps to reduce accidents.

Construction companies benefit from them in other ways. First, these outfits make it harder for unauthorized persons to wander onto a construction site. They become easily identifiable, allowing the crew to remove them for everyone’s safety. Second, the clothing can be ordered with their branding on it, serving as cheap advertising for the company. Third, it makes it easy to track employees from a distance, allowing supervisors to monitor them better and keep track safety and productivity.

Special Considerations for This Clothing

The first thing companies need to consider are the colors. In general, this type of clothing has three color choices: yellow, orange, and green. If possible, the company will want to match the color to their company aesthetic. However, that is not always an option. There are more unique colors available, such as highlighter pink and electric blue, but these are not appropriate for all environments. For the best results, the color of the clothing should have maximum contrast with the surroundings.

The next thing a construction company must think about are the materials used in the clothing. Here in Southern California, the heat is a major concern. As such, construction crews will usually be outfitted in cooling and sweat-wicking materials. Given that we do sometimes get chilly weather here, companies may want to order bright and reflective sweatshirts that can be layered over other items. Flame-resistant materials should be used since construction work often involves electric and gas lines.

Finally, companies have to be ready to replace the garments often. Any item that is worn daily and washed often will lose its brightness and reflective qualities. As such, construction crews should have their garments replaced once every six months. Crews that work in the sun may need their clothing replaced more often.

Other Jobsite Clothing Safety Considerations

While bright and reflective clothing is important, there is more to gearing up safely than having a green vest with a reflective stripe on it. In addition to bright colors and reflective materials, construction workers should be provided with protective headgear, goggles, and ear plugs. Companies should also require that workers wear non-slip shoes with reinforced toes, Depending on the nature of the work, knee pads and elbow pads may also be needed, and harnesses could be worn when performing specific types of jobs. Tool belts are also often worn so workers don’t need to reach for tools in an unsafe manner.

Of course, having a safe job site goes beyond clothing. Companies must be aware of federal and local laws and maintain best safety practices. A quality company always makes safety the top priority.

At Garrett Concrete, Safety Is Our Primary Focus

We know that there is a lot that can go wrong with any construction job, and worries about injuries can make you nervous to start a project. However, if you choose to work with Garrett Concrete, you won’t need to be concerned. We set up every job site with a focus on keeping you, ourselves, and those around us safe. Our approaches exceed industry standards and deliver incredible results. We have a documented history of safe and stellar work behind us so you can sign the contract with full faith.

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