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Whether you’re a builder, contractor or homeowner, you may run into situations that call for the modification or repair of horizontal concrete or masonry surfaces. Unfortunately, many of the methods used to address these situations are inaccurate, outdated or unsafe. In the Inland Empire and greater Los Angeles, you can avoid all of these unwanted outcomes by calling on the expert services of Garrett Concrete Cutting and Sawing. With decades of knowhow and a proven track record for quality and reliability, we make the best in modern concrete cutting available at a price that fits your bottom line.

Basics of Concrete Cutting

By design, concrete and masonry are super-tough materials that can stand up to daily use for decades or even longer. However, for a number of reasons, you may need to cut into a concrete or masonry structure. This need creates a dilemma: How do you cut through something that was specifically designed to resist changes over long periods of time? Throughout much of the 20th century, the go-to option for this difficult task was the jackhammer, a notoriously loud, inaccurate, dust-producing tool that got the job done but left a range of undesirable after effects in its wake.

Today, property owners and managers have another option: modern concrete cutting done with specialized concrete saws. This approach comes with several key advantages. First, while even a highly skilled jackhammer operator can’t make reliably accurate cuts in concrete, reinforced concrete or masonry, concrete cutters can use their specialized saws to perform extremely accurate work in a wide variety of conditions. Concrete saws can also:

  •         Cut faster than jackhammers
  •         Work in tighter quarters than jackhammers
  •         Minimize dust production with built-in vacuum systems, and
  •         Lower the amount of noise pollution generated on your indoor or outdoor worksite

Together, these advantages add up to quicker project completion, more comfortable jobsite conditions and greatly increased quality in the finished work.

The Slab Saw

The basic piece of equipment for concrete cutting is the slab saw or flat saw. This machine gets its name because it serves primarily as a tool for cutting through concrete slabs and other horizontal masonry and concrete surfaces. All slab saws come outfitted with thin, circular blades similar in some respects to the blades found on circular saws used for carpentry. However, the teeth on a slab saw blade are covered in industrial diamonds, which maximize cutting speed and accuracy while resisting wear and tear.

Slab saws come in both floor-mounted and hand-held models. Floor-mounted models ride on wheeled carts controlled by human operators. These relatively large machines are designed for large cutting jobs, as well as smaller jobs in unconfined spaces. Hand-held slab saws can perform cuts in spaces that are too confined for the use of floor-mounted machines. Saws in each category can efficiently cut through thin and thick concrete, reinforced concrete and masonry.

Reasons for Using a Slab Saw

Slab saws play an essential role in several forms of concrete and masonry modification. For example, builders and contractors commonly rely on these machines for the precise cuts needed to install utility lines in concrete slabs. In addition, slab sawing plays a crucial role in creating control and expansion joints. In turn, these joints are essential to preventing temperature- and settling-related cracks in concrete foundations and floors. Slab saws also greatly simplify the process of installing staircases and elevators, as well as the process of duct installation.

In addition to playing a role in concrete and masonry modification, slab saws improve the speed and efficiency of repairing extremely tough construction materials.  For instance, they make it relatively easy to gain the access required to repair previously buried wiring and piping. You can also use a floor-mounted or hand-held slab saw to:

  •         Remove damaged segments of surfaces such as parking lots and driveways, and
  •         Repair cracks in horizontally installed concrete and masonry

Your Source for Quality Concrete Modification

Some builders and contractors believe that anyone in their workforce can carry out slab saw-based concrete and masonry modifications with just a little bit of training. However, nothing could be further from the truth. While untrained personnel can perform crude, basic work, they can never match the skill and accuracy of a trained professional who thoroughly understands the ins and outs of slab saw operation. Without an expert’s touch, a concrete cutting project can easily end in unmet specifications, expensive delays and a more dangerous jobsite.

At Garrett Concrete Coring and Sawing, we specialize in the top-quality modification of horizontal concrete, reinforced concrete and masonry surfaces. In all cases, we arrive for work equipped with the right type of saw to achieve your project objectives. What’s more, we rely exclusively on highly skilled staff members with extensive training and experience in proper slab saw operation. On modification jobs large and small, we aim to provide you with the best possible combination of accuracy, effectiveness and affordability.

Expert Concrete and Masonry Repair

If anything, there may be an even greater temptation for property owners and managers to attempt concrete and masonry repairs with personnel who lack specialized training. However, the same concerns for quality, speed and safety that apply to the modification of these materials also applies to their repair. Even a small and seemingly simple job can go drastically wrong when left in the hands of someone not thoroughly familiar with slab saws’ operating guidelines.

In addition to serving as your experts for concrete and masonry modification, the professionals at Garrett serve as your repair experts. Whether you need minor or extensive repair work, we make sure to lay out a detailed plan that addresses your needs while firmly maintaining your ever-important safety margin. With the right plan in place, we perform our work with skill, speed and precision. In this way, we help ensure that your concrete or masonry structures remains in sound condition for the foreseeable future.

Southern California’s Concrete Cutting Headquarters

For nearly 40 years, Garrett Concrete Coring and Sawing has provided concrete cutting expertise for builders, contractors and homeowners throughout greater Los Angeles. We also provide the same high level of service to residents and businesses throughout the Inland Empire. Whether your project calls for modifications or repairs, we never fail to combine decades of training and experience with top-quality customer service and a keen eye for your budgetary limitations. Call us today for a quote on your upcoming job.








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