Concrete is both tough and reliable. While these properties help make the material an excellent choice for a wide variety of construction projects, they also pose a problem when you need to break apart a concrete surface or structure. In addition, a new set of problems can arise when you need to remove broken concrete from your home or commercial worksite. Rather than solving these issues yourself, turn to the professionals at Garrett Concrete Coring and Sawing. With decades of accumulated knowledge and a commitment to safe, cost-effective operation, we can help you successfully tackle concrete breaking and removal projects of all sizes.

Concrete Breaking Basics

Concrete and reinforced concrete are specifically designed to remain intact through years or decades of heavy, daily use. However, for a range of reasons, you may decide that you need to partially or completely tear down an existing concrete structure or surface. A short list of these reasons includes:

  •         The desire to clear property for the construction of a new structure/surface
  •         The need to perform extensive repairs on an existing structure/surface, and
  •         The desire to modify the layout of an existing structure/surface

Types of surfaces and structures that you may need to tear down include parking garages, stores, office buildings, stairs, overpasses, parking lots and sidewalks.

A wide variety of tools can be put to use for a concrete breaking project. For example, to break apart a small staircase, you may need nothing more than a hand-held sledgehammer. However, you typically must rely on some sort of machinery to tear down larger structures, especially when they’re reinforced with rebar. Tools used for such projects may include jackhammers, chipping hammers, and specialized demolition hammers and hydraulic breaker/hammers (hydro hammers). Hydro hammers utilized on large-scale breaking projects are commonly mounted on excavators or other types of heavy equipment.

The Need for Professional Breaking

If you’re a homeowner who wants to remove or modify a small concrete structure, you may feel well-equipped to handle the job yourself without using any extra equipment. However, even relatively minor residential breaking projects may call for the use of a jackhammer or some other type of machinery. On commercial projects, the need for concrete breaking equipment is frequently quite clear. Still, managers of these projects may choose to rent their own equipment and rely on untrained personnel to perform the work.

While it may not seem obvious, do-it-yourself concrete breaking is usually not the right choice in a residential or commercial setting. Why not? Because even a small-scale breaking project can come with safety risks that escape the eye of property owners and managers who lack the right knowledge and experience. Without expert consultation and oversight, you may overlook critical project variables that put you, your property and your workforce in significant danger.

The Garrett Advantage

At Garrett Concrete Coring and Sawing, we have nearly 40 years of experience in the concrete breaking business. Down through the decades, we’ve handled virtually every kind of job imaginable, from residential projects involving a single driveway or sidewalk to commercial projects that span multiple buildings or entire complexes. Whatever your reason for employing concrete breaking, we have the deep expertise needed to formulate a safe and effective plan of action. We also have the time-tested knowhow required to complete our work without surprises, delays or mishaps. On every project, we meet your needs with the specific tools required to get the job done.

Concrete Removal Basics

Once concrete is broken apart, you typically must remove it to proceed to the next phase of your project. As with concrete breaking, the scale of your undertaking plays an important part in determining the tools required for timely, effective removal. A small project on your residential property may require nothing more than a wheelbarrow and a personal vehicle suitable for hauling. However, due to the relatively high weight of concrete and reinforced concrete, even a medium-sized home project can easily exceed your removal resources.

On a commercial jobsite, efficient concrete removal is essential. Unfortunately, even on projects limited to a single structure, the amount of material you must load and haul away can rapidly reach or exceed multiple tons. For projects involving several buildings or entire complexes, the requirements of concrete removal operations can take on a truly colossal scale.

The Need for Professional Removal

Like concrete breaking, concrete removal may seem like one of the most basic of construction site tasks. After all, what could be more straightforward than loading a bunch of rubble into a truck and hauling it away? However, despite this seeming simplicity, the safety concerns that play a role in concrete breaking also apply to the removal process. Unless you know how to operate the required vehicles and use them to efficiently transfer concrete rubble and debris, you can easily introduce an unnecessary element of risk to your residential or commercial worksite.

There is also the matter of offsite hauling. On a removal job of any considerable size, you must have a convenient method of transporting broken concrete from your worksite to an appropriate disposal location. Unless you have the equipment and logistical knowledge to complete this task, you can easily experience slowdowns that reduce the efficiency of your project and add unplanned expenses to your bottom line.

Your Expert Removal Source

At Garrett, we round out our comprehensive breaking services with expert concrete removal. No matter the size of your project, we can create a logistical plan that maximizes our work productivity and gets your site clear of debris as soon as possible. With our plan as a roadmap, we’ll bring in just the equipment needed to ensure a safe and speedy removal process. Our expert personnel will then complete this process by hauling your concrete waste materials to a designated site or facility. Every step of the way, we follow the best practices that keep potential hazards to an absolute minimum.

The Superior Choice for Breaking and Removal Services

Since 1978, Garrett Concrete Coring and Sawing has served as greater Los Angeles’ superior source for concrete breaking and removal equipment. We also proudly serve Ontario, San Bernardino and all other communities throughout the vast Inland Empire. Whether your breaking and removal project requires a small team or a large crew operating a fleet of vehicles, you’ll find us prepared with a detailed plan and the very best in equipment and expertise. And with our reasonable pricing, we make it practical to add our services to almost any project budget. Call today for more details and a commercial or residential quote.













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