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For a broad range of reasons, construction, renovation and remodeling professionals must have an easy, accurate way of creating holes in concrete, brick and other super-tough materials. The standard tool of choice for this task is a precision device called a core drill. However, unless guided by an expert who understands all required procedures, core drilling can easily produce substandard results that fail to meet your needs or legally mandated building requirements. That’s why you must have reliable access to professionals who combine top-quality equipment with a deep reservoir of training and hands-on experience.

In the cities of the Inland Empire, residents and businesses can call on Garrett Concrete Coring and Sawing for truly exemplary core drilling and concrete cutting services. With decades of experience and a fleet of self-contained vehicles outfitted with advanced drilling equipment, we make it easy to meet your worksite needs while maintaining peak efficiency and protecting your precious bottom line. Whether you need just a single hole or dozens of precision-cut openings, we’ll provide the accurate results required to keep your project moving forward.


A core drill is specifically designed to create cylindrical holes in extremely hard construction materials such as concrete, reinforced concrete, brick and stone. It achieves this task with the help of a cylindrical drill bit equipped with super-tough cutting teeth that surround a hollow center. With power provided by the drill’s drive system, this bit bores into the target material to the desired depth. When the operator reverses the drill, the center of the bit pulls the excised material along with it. The end results is a structurally sound opening suitable for the completion of a wide range of construction-related goals. Experienced operators can also use a core drill for stitch drilling, a demolition process that facilitates the removal of large amounts of material by creating a series of overlapping holes.

The materials used for cutting the surfaces of core drill bits vary. Bits intended to cut through concrete come equipped with teeth made from industrial-grade diamonds, while bits intended to cut through brick and other types of masonry come equipped with teeth made from carbide. Regardless of their intended use, all core drills feature a water cooling system to prevent bit overheating and control dust output.

To achieve the required accuracy, core drills ride on a stabilizing post, which in turn is mounted on the surface of the material targeted for cutting. After determining the right size bit for the job, the drill operator ensures the proper angle for the desired hole, then activates the unit. In addition to making straight-on cuts, a core drill can make cuts at virtually any angle. While cuts are often made on walls and other vertical surfaces, the operator can also make cuts on low and overhead horizontal surfaces, as well as cuts on sloped surfaces. Extenders make it possible to drill to almost any depth.


Core drills have a variety of common uses on small and large construction jobs. Examples of these uses include:

  • Creating required openings for utility components (e.g., electrical lines, plumbing lines and HVAC ducts)
  • Cutting openings for sewer and floor drains
  • Creating required openings for communications networks (e.g., Internet lines, phone lines and fiber optic lines)
  • Cutting openings for recessed lighting systems and individual light fixtures
  • Cutting openings for dryer vents
  • Cutting holes for fire control systems
  • Creating holes for demolition charges
  • Creating flue openings
  • Making anchor points for handrails and permanent benches and tables
  • Making anchor points for outdoor or indoor protective barriers, and
  • Creating the openings needed to tie in rebar at road construction sites

In addition, road construction crews can use core drills to make drainage holes on bridges and other elevated structures.


At first, core drilling can seem like a fairly uncomplicated procedure. In line with this superficial assessment, project managers sometimes choose to leave drilling operations in the hands of general contractors who have no specific training for this kind of work. Quite frankly, this is a mistake. Despite first appearances, it actually takes a trained and practiced hand to consistently drill accurate holes in tough materials such as concrete and masonry. Unlike generalists, skilled operators understand the many ways in which a drilling procedure can go wrong and work proactively to prevent problems from occurring. Prominent examples of these avoidable issues include:

  • Holes cut at angles that don’t meet your project specifications
  • Holes that are too wide or narrow to meet your project specifications
  • Damage to the core drill bit or stabilizing post
  • Damage to the core drill itself, and (perhaps most importantly of all)
  • Failure to obtain the permits or certifications needed to meet building codes and proceed with additional phases of construction

At Garrett Concrete Coring and Sawing, we specialize in core drilling procedures that meet even the most stringent regulations and worksite standards. In addition to cutting precise holes in concrete, brick and other hardened materials, we maintain the same high level of accuracy while cutting through the tar, sand and other aggregate materials used to make asphalt. All of our operators are highly skilled providers who know how to adjust to the demands of your jobsite and help keep work flowing smoothly. What’s more, we keep all of our premium-quality drills in top working condition at all times. On projects large and small, our self-contained trucks arrive with everything needed to get the job done quickly and efficiently. You’ll never have to worry about unnecessary delays or the provision of additional resources.


Since the late 1970s, Garrett Concrete Coring and Sawing has combined family ownership with a rock-solid commitment to dependability, choice and service. No matter where you’re located in San Bernardino, Riverside, Ontario or greater Los Angeles, we’ll support your current and future projects with precision core drilling procedures and a wealth of practical expertise. For more information and a quote on your residential or commercial job, contact us today.


Dependability, Choice, and Service is our company’s credo. For over 30 years, we have steadily grown into one of the most trusted concrete cutting service providers in and around San Bernardino – offering services for residential and commercial clients. All our employees undergo comprehensive and specialized training that complies with the government’s safety requirements. We have all the tools, technical expertise, and unsurpassed customer service to support your project’s needs. We maintain and service our own equipment to ensure reliability and accuracy. We break through the biggest jobs - and ready to handle any problems in the field any time of the day.