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For centuries, concrete has been a preferred construction material for all kinds of personal and commercial projects. However, for a number of reasons, existing concrete structures may no longer suit the needs of their current owners. Such circumstances typically call for demolition, as well as breaking and removal of the demolished material. While concrete demolition, breaking and removal may seem like simple tasks, they actually require significant planning and careful execution in order to avoid unnecessary and potentially dangerous complications. In other words, they require help from trained professionals.

For safe, reliable concrete demolition, breaking and removal services, the residents of San Bernardino, Riverside, Ontario and Los Angeles can count on the time-tested experts at Garrett Concrete Coring and Sawing. Every day, we combine four decades of experience with the right equipment for the job. If you need concrete cutting services when you’re conducting repairs, modifying existing structures or performing a complete teardown, we’ll help you meet your critical deadlines while keeping a constant focus on efficiency and job site safety.


Concrete and reinforced concrete are designed to stand up through long years of use and daily wear and tear. Still, in a broad range of circumstances, concrete roads and structures can develop problems that call for limited or large-scale repairs. Common examples of these problems include:

  • Relatively superficial cracks that interfere with safe pedestrian or vehicular access
  • Deeper cracks that may ultimately degrade structural integrity, and
  • Frost heaving, a form of damage that occurs when a combination of moisture seepage and freezing pushes sections of concrete upward from their normal level position

In addition, even when existing concrete roads and structures remain in good general condition, they may need to be modified to meet the requirements of their planned future use.

The accepted solution for all of these situations is concrete demolition. Unfortunately, it can actually take more effort to remove concrete than it takes to install it in the first place. In addition, even small demolition projects come with a substantial element of risk for accidents and injuries. For these reasons, demolition is not a process you can safely leave in the hands of amateurs who lack the proper equipment. Instead, you must turn to experts who understand how to gauge the many variables associated with each particular job, develop an appropriate plan and carry out efficient demolition work that achieves your aims while keeping your jobsite safe at all times.

There are a number of possible ways to demolish concrete. Smaller jobs may call for nothing more than handheld tools such as picks, robotic hammers, sledgehammers or jackhammers. However, larger jobs may call for a more advanced mechanical solution carried out with excavators or other forms of heavy machinery. Additional types of equipment frequently used for small and large demolition projects include:

  • Concrete/masonry flat saws
  • Concrete/masonry wall saws, and
  • A core drilling procedure called line drilling or stitch drilling, which uses a series of overlapping drill holes to loosen up the targeted material


Concrete breaking and removal are the natural follow-ups to concrete demolition. The breaking process is used to reduce the size of large segments of demolished material and make them suitable for convenient displacement and hauling. Actual displacement and hauling occur during the subsequent removal phase. Like demolition, breaking and removal may seem like easy jobs that you can leave in the hands of a general contractor or other untrained personnel. However, the same warnings that apply to concrete demolition also apply here. Unless carried out by professionals who understand the many ways in which things can go wrong, concrete breaking and removal can pose significant risks for worksite mishaps and injuries.

Breaking and removal work is performed with a wide variety of equipment. A short list of the potential options includes:

  • Backhoes
  • Skid loaders
  • Front end loaders
  • Mini excavators
  • Full-size excavators, and
  • Various kinds of dump trucks and haulers (e.g., standard dump trucks, end dump trailers, 10-wheelers and Super 10-wheelers)
  • Hydraulic Concrete Hammers/ Stompers equipment

Demolition and Concrete Breaking Equipment Rentals Available


At Garrett Concrete Coring and Sawing, we have decades of experience with small- and large-scale concrete demolition. On each job, we begin by familiarizing ourselves with your specific project objectives (e.g., minor repair, major repair, removal or modification). Once we know your goals and the scale of work required, we’ll develop a detailed plan that includes all required personnel, all required equipment and the amount of time needed to complete the job. On the day(s) scheduled for demolition, we’ll show up promptly and get to work.

The approach we use for demolition will naturally vary according to the nature of the job. Our broad selection of company-owned equipment includes everything from mini and full-size excavators to flat saws, wall saws and core drills. This wealth of choice makes it easy for us to match the needs of your project and maintain maximum working efficiency. And in all cases, we rely on expert equipment operators who know how to keep your worksite orderly and safe.

Our expertise also extends to concrete breaking and removal. Whether we perform the preliminary demolition work ourselves or take over after demolition is complete, we provide you with the same exemplary level of service. Our equipment inventory includes everything needed to break down concrete on a small or large scale. It also includes everything needed to load up and haul concrete debris. From backhoes, skid loaders and excavators to 10-wheelers, Super 10s, end dump trailers and standard dump trucks, we’ve got you covered. In all cases, the operators we rely on for breaking and removal work meet the same high bar for professionalism as those we rely on for safe, efficient demolition procedures.


Family owned and operated Garrett Concrete Coring and Sawing opened its doors to the residents of the Inland Empire and greater Los Angeles way back in 1978. From that time forward, we’ve staked our reputation on consistent attention to your needs and the very best in dependability, choice and service. From small patches of sidewalk to major multi-level structures, we have the equipment and knowhow needed for timely and secure concrete demolition, breaking and removal. For a detailed quote and a thorough description of how we’ll meet your needs, contact us today.


Dependability, Choice, and Service is our company’s credo. For over 30 years, we have steadily grown into one of the most trusted concrete cutting service providers in and around San Bernardino – offering services for residential and commercial clients. All our employees undergo comprehensive and specialized training that complies with the government’s safety requirements. We have all the tools, technical expertise, and unsurpassed customer service to support your project’s needs. We maintain and service our own equipment to ensure reliability and accuracy. We break through the biggest jobs - and ready to handle any problems in the field any time of the day.