Concrete Breaking Equipment & Demolition Rental

Concrete demolition work calls for precision and care. So, failure to use the right tools and follow safety procedures can lead to major mishaps and injuries. As a result, your best bet is seeking help from concrete breaking equipment experts, instead of doing the work yourself.

At Garrett Concrete, our team of seasoned professionals is standing by to tackle concrete demo jobs of all sizes. For more than 40 years, we’ve served residents and businesses throughout the Inland Empire and greater LA. No matter your project requirements, we have the experience and equipment needed for safe, efficient work. From stompers, backhoes and skid loaders, to jackhammers, dump trucks and other essential tools, we’ve got it all.

All of our demolition & concrete breaking equipment comes with a highly experienced operator that will bring the equipment to your jobsite and complete the work.


A stomper, also known as a jumping jack rammer or concrete stomper, is one of the most versatile concrete tools. That’s why these machines belong in the inventory of all full-service concrete breaking & removal contractors. During the demolition phase of a project, stompers can help break up concrete and prepare it for removal. Consequently, they can greatly simplify the demo process. Stomper rental from Garrett comes complete with our specialist operators.


Backhoes are widely used pieces of excavation equipment that dig with a bucket attached to an articulated arm. This piece of equipment has a hydraulic breaker on one end that breaks up concrete during demolition and prepares it for removal. A backhoe bucket is on the opposite side adding to the package and makes it possible to haul dirt and waste material. Backhoe operators swivel back and forth between the two operating positions. At Garrett Concrete, we carry a range of backhoe options for any kind of demo job.

Skid Loaders

Skid loaders, sometimes called skid-steer loaders, have side-mounted lift arms that can accept multiple tools and attachments. As a result, they’re highly useful for concrete demolition and other projects. Because of the machine’s small size, skid loader operators can work in tight quarters with ease. Trust the experts at Garrett to provide safe use of these adaptable machines.

Front-End Loaders

Front-end loaders are powerful tractors equipped with wide, front-mounted buckets. These buckets can carry large amounts of material, including dirt, gravel, and concrete waste. Hydraulic mechanisms on the bucket arms make it easy for front-end loader operators to position the machines as needed. We supply top-notch loaders and loader operators for every project. 

Mini Excavators

Many also call mini excavators mini x or compact excavators. These machines feature a backfill blade mounted on a boom arm. They serve the same basic function as full-size excavators, including general demolition work. If you need help with a smaller-scale job, our mini excavators will fit the bill.

Dump Trucks

A dump truck is a universal sight at demolition and construction projects. These workhorses come in a variety of formats, including heavy-duty super 10 dump trucks. Dump trucks are perfect for hauling debris away from a demo site. You can also use end dump trailers for the same purpose. With super 10 dump trucks, dump trailers and other options, Garrett’s got your hauling needs covered.

Skid Steer with Breaker

Among other attachments, a skid steer can be outfitted with a device called a hydraulic breaker. Skid steer with breaker operators can use this device to punch through concrete surfaces. Consequently, many turn to breakers for demolition work. As demo specialists, Garrett naturally features skid steer rental. Let our pros handle all of the work.


A jackhammer is another universally recognized demolition tool. These devices use pneumatic or electromechanical force to drive a chisel blade down through concrete. Jackhammer operators can use these tools effectively for smaller demo jobs. They also work well in tighter spaces. Garrett’s your reliable source for safe, efficient jackhammer rental and operation.

Equipment Rental Pricing

Many variables affect the pricing of demolition equipment rentals. The variables include but are not limited to: whether it’s inside or outside work, the thickness of what we’re removing, whether there is rebar, if it’s asphalt, dirt, concrete, trash, landscaping, distance of travel, cost of the dump fees, time of day, etc. We ask that you call or email us to get a quote based upon your needs.