Important Considerations When Buying Diamond Blades

There is nothing that can get the job done like a diamond blade. As the name suggests, diamond blades have diamonds fixated on the edge of the saw blade and can cut through a wide variety of otherwise incredibly tough material. They can cut anything from concrete to glass, and all types of projects make [...]

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6 Worksite Tools Every Concrete Cutter Should Have

All concrete cutting contractors know they need essential worksite tools and equipment. From high-quality saws to a supply of extra blades and a truck for transporting tools, gear, and concrete debris, most concrete cutters have the basics. However, there are some additional tools every concrete cutter should have. Here’s what you should never be without: [...]

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Why and When Asbestos Was Used in Concrete

Asbestos is the common name for a group of six, natural rock-forming minerals. Thousands of years ago, humans discovered that these minerals have high resistance to burning, along with a range of other desirable characteristics. Unfortunately, when inhaled, asbestos fibers can trigger severe illness, including cancer and a lung condition called asbestosis. While it may [...]

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6 Tips for Safe Concrete Core Drilling

Concrete core drilling is a common activity on worksites across the country. On many projects, the people performing this work are trained experts who specialize in the manipulation of concrete and masonry. However, plumbers, electricians and other construction or renovation professionals may also carry out core drilling procedures on a routine or occasional basis. No [...]

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Crucial Tips for Cutting Concrete Correctly

For a variety of reasons, it’s sometimes necessary to cut through surfaces or structures made from concrete or reinforced concrete. When performed correctly, this type of work can prove critical to the timely completion of a personal or commercial project. However, poorly done concrete cutting can lead to a serious waste of both time and [...]

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How Curb Modification can Increase Property Appeal and Safety

The exterior of your property is what potential buyers first see. It may only take a few seconds to write off your property, so it’s important to make an excellent first impression. A few simple changes can make a huge impact on increasing property appeal. If you’re curious about curb modification for your home, but [...]

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3 Signs your Asphalt Pavement Needs Concrete Repairs

Your asphalt pavement, if laid expertly and with the use of high quality materials, can last over 20 years. It is built to last, but not to last forever. Still, more than two decades of providing reliable service is quite impressive. To make this possible, regular preventative maintenance and necessary repairs must be performed. Routine [...]

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Concrete Cutting: Do’s and Don’ts of Wall Sawing

Concrete wall sawing is a tough job that requires more than high-powered tools and concrete cutting skills. Common sense and a wise judgment are important factors in getting the job done successfully. These will save you and the people around you from accidents. Concrete wall saws, more commonly known as track saws, are used to [...]

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