Water-Vac trucks available for jobs requiring slurry and water control.



We have our own fleet of backhoes, rubber tire loaders, skid loaders, excavators from mini to large, end dumps, 10 wheelers, Super 10’s, and dump trucks ready and available to aid in haul-a-way and removal from any of our cutting services.


Our trucks are fully self contained.

They carry all tools, equipment, power and water needed.


Professional Concrete Slab Cutting for San Bernardino, CA

Also serving Riverside, Los Angeles & Ontario, CA


Concrete slab cutting is used on reasonably level and flat surfaces Concrete cutting in progress in San Bernardino, CAand includes cutting through reinforced concrete, precast concrete, asphalt, and other structural materials. It is typically done to provide expansion joints, to make openings for ducts, elevators, stairwells, machine pads, to cut trenches for conduits, and for demolition purposes. Applications include floors, roofs, bridge decks and suspended slabs.


Asphalt Cutting


Cutting through asphalt is usually done for trenching, to remove damaged pavement sections prior to patching or to clean and prepare random cracks for repair.




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